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Enron at the moment and rub shoulders, only to hear Tong Xiaojie saidSix years ago, I can let him leave cheap nba jerseys you, after six years of course I can not let him back to you, I retain him for six years, will stay maintained his six years.finished diameter toward the bathroom and went inside.Leng Leng turned around and looked at Enron has been re opened the bathroom door shut, a good while back, but God will.Then back to the venue, when met at the door of the venue does face a little bit of panic. He also saw her, think cheap nba jerseys usa forward, but what comes to mind, hesitating to move forward and do not take a step.Enron determined by looking at the front of this man, who, she and the man had the sweetest happiest day. But in the end only as now, the same care speechless. She did not know what year he left untold reasons, but ultimately it can not change the result now, maybe then leave as they say are suffering, perhaps as they say, he always loves only himself, but this everything but how, then look back, he is married, she has been married only sigh, cheap nba jerseys for sale among them the fate too shallow.Will look back, Enron eyes looked straight ahead, carrying the step into the venue hall.Could Jinjinzuanzhao hand, wanted to go, but a glimpse of the corner over there Tong Xiaojie, his hands clenched and released, the release also clenched, so repeated several times, eventually did not stepped forward, turned his head, shaking smile at that woman walking toward her.When Xiao Xiao then go stay with what and people are talking, surrounded Tong Wenhai has disappeared. So rest assured that Enron slightly down, she felt Tong Wenhai own special, she knew that something special, but cheap nba jerseys china free shipping because he and his mother know, though she did not know what they had before in the past, but remembered his mother saw him that night attitude after, she thought, if necessary, back or avoid his spot.Enron towards Xiao Xiao there in the past, his eyes looking straight ahead, ignoring that people come from the side. Oh.Bang female voice exclaimed.That side of the people who go over some urgency, but also a lack of attention here Enron, shoulder hit her hand holding a red wine, then a cup of wine because of the shock, rocking back and forth, respectively, have spilled a lot, man and on Enron's clothes are stained a bit, Enron, less man.Enron looked up and saw a woman in front of about 40, slightly rich state, now stained with a large wine stains on the white evening dress, Enron in the first time to apologize,I'm sorry, I did not see you coming.She did not see , and she also appeared too suddenly, they are completely unguarded.The man glanced down their own road that was spilled red wine, white evening dress, looking suddenly sink, looked up toward the Enron scolded,how you going ah, do not have eyes ah, I am so much a person, you are see, you blind and see?Enron was she taking too puzzling that it is both the responsibility of the collision, she came, she came, he did not see Should be wrong, that she did not see it really is not wrong? What you stare stare, you want me how to do this, you are now my clothes are all made ??of red wine, how do you say!The man tone a bit too aggressive. And also because her around condemning attracted quite a few onlookers. And some of them will recognize that lady on the busy go,Oh, Ms. Zhang, this is how you are going ah! That lady thought to gas, half of today's River City celebrities all over this, and now something like this, which is how to see ah! Thinking, stared fiercely at Enron, said.Do not know where the girl ran out, walk not with the eyes, rampage Music venue could not conceal the side of the quarrel, not far from Xiao Xiao and Huang Dexing also heard the side of the quarrel, turned his head, only to see Enron stood in the crowd, who set of pale orange dress with a large black chest, looks quite awkward.

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