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Out of the venue, Tong Xiaojie catch up on Enron's footsteps,sister school to go so fast to do anything. cheap nba jerseys Enron looked at her eyes, only said.I thought Tong Xiaojie hurry. Tong Xiaojie smiled, walked side by side with her,I'm really anxious, but still not so urgent, we slowly go, I wear shoes with some high today, could not walk too fast, just, we can talk. I do not think there is between what I told Tong Xiaojie can say.Enron Direct said. She is not a devious person knows, does not know what to talk skills.Tong Xiaojie smile,you can cheap nba jerseys china directly call me sister Xiao Jie like, not so see outside. Enron foothold, turned to look at her, and said.I thought we had our first meeting today. Tong Xiaojie face still with a smile,is the first official meeting, but I think we should all be familiar with each other now, at least I was familiar with Enron you, from six years ago are familiar with. Enron looked at her for a moment without speaking. She does not understand this woman want to do, she thinks that afternoon to say has been said clearly. What Tong Xiaojie, we can clearly cheap nba jerseys nike say one time.Moment, Enron looked at her scheduled to be said. Since she did not want to say some things, but if you have to talk about and want a result, then so be it disposable end of it, some wounds, appears to be healed, but not to say go touch, do not have the pain. Miss Gu Could you do not want to leave you know that the real reason?changed the call, looking at her face is also extremely serious, though still with a smile on his face, but the eyes have obviously no smile. Do not want.Automatic cheap nba jerseys wholesale and how, after all, can not change the past, and the past no matter how painful this purpose to live with, but people will eventually not to live in the past, even feel that life has been very good, why to pursue in the past, some have let themselves be investigated and that miserable history!Heard, Tong Xiaojie moment, the answer is clearly some Enron beyond her expectations, but then chuckle open, saidIf I tell you that never atop Could you just love, marry me, but is forced to do?Enron surprised a moment, looked up at her,What do you mean?What forced, then who forced him?Looking at her face, Tong Xiaojie mouth evoke disdain smile, it seems so long ago guessed she would react, just coldly said? You still love him. Enron frown,You just words mean?Oh.low laugh,Nothing.Looked up to see the venue hurried out the door Could low a cold eye, mouth smile is not reduced, then looked up at Enron, when compared to the previous tone and flexibility of the several degrees, saidsister school is not to say you want to take me to the bathroom, you can go? Enron looked at her for a moment did not speak, and finally turned and walked towards the bathroom.Toilet door, Enron turned to her and saidYou go in it.Then he turned to leave.

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