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The VERSA Collection
July 26, 2017

The Miche Bag is Now the interchangeable Versa Handbag

The VERSA Collection is  making its long awaited debut August 1st!

What is VERSA?

It is the redesigned, updated, on-trend interchangeable handbag that was created using the Miche Bag patents.

We waited a long 15 months for the this new handbag and it does not disappoint.

The new VERSA Signature Base Bag is vegan leather that looks and feels like real leather without the cost.

No more leaving the house without your keys or your favorite lipstick! Keep your essentials in the stunning Base Bag and in seconds, simply swap out the finishing details — Accent flaps, handles with silver chains, tassel charms or fun poufs — to match your outfit, your mood or your occasion.

The Versa handbag holds more than I could fit in my Miche Classic or Miche Petite purses and I can fit almost all the items I had in my MIche Demi bag.

The redesigned Miche Bag is here and it's called VERSA!

Below is the black VERSA base bag with three different “Accents” (interchangeable flaps) that attach in seconds with strong magnets by inserting the Accent into the bag’s back exterior pocket. For extra security, there are also two snaps on the Accent and top of the back pocket.


The Versa Signature Handbag with 3 different Accent flaps available at

Versa Handbag with Checkmate Accent, Aspen Accent and Diamond Dazzle Accent

A large lined open pocket, almost as tall as the handbag itself, at the back of the bag features a zippered pocket in the pocket’s lining is perfect to secure your keys or other items securely within easy reach. A magnetic closure at the top also helps ensure items placed in the pocket won’t fall out.

When closed, the Accent flaps have 3 strong magnets at the bottom that automatically secure the flap to the bottom front of your bag to keep the contents secure when you close the flap.

​The inside of the base bag has one zippered pocket in the back and two open-top pouch style pockets in the front.

Versa Signature Handbag Interior

Versa Signature Handbag Interior

The base bag measures 11.5″ long x 7.5″ tall and 4″ wide. One 15″ removable Basic Handle Strap to carry over your arm or by hand and one 47″-52″ adjustable, removable Shoulder Strap with silver lobster claw clips are included. Both or either handles attach to the base bag with beautiful, easy to open silver carabiner rings and vegan leather taps at each side of the base bag.

A protective Dust Bag for storage comes with each Versa Base.

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