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Style a Miche Demi Base BagThe Miche Demi Base Bag is a perfect soft structure mid-size handbag.  Larger than the Miche Classic Bag, but smaller than the Miche Prima bag, the Demi is the perfect size purse if you like to carry more than just the daily essentials with you.

The fun begins when you style your Demi Bag with decorative exterior Shells (sold separately).

The soft cloth Miche Demi Base Bag (and  handles) slips into the Demi Shell and is held in place at the top with strong, earth-friendly magnets hidden in fold-over flaps each side at the on the top of the shells.

You can also carry the Demi Bag “Hobo” style by removing the handles from the four top tabs (shown in photos 1 and 2) and with optional 1-1/2″ carabiner rings, hook the handles (or use a single handle) to the grommets at each end of the bag (see photo 3 and 4.)

Change the outer decorative shells and/or your handles so your purse matches your  occasion or your outfit and never disturb or move the contents inside the Demi base bag. It’s a beautiful thing!

The Miche Demi Base Bag is 7″ wide x 14″ long x 9.5 inches tall. It comes with two 23.5″ long x 1″ wide black flat handles for a 10″ handle drop.

The Demi can easily carry your tablet, Kindle or iPad.

The Miche Demi bag’s beige cloth interior features:

  • a top zipper closure
  • one zippered pocket
  • one small open pocket
  • two medium size pockets
  • one cell phone pocket
  • two pen holders

Interior of Miche Demi Bag

With additional available accessories, you can style your Miche Demi Bag to be carried:

  • cross-body
  • “hobo” style
  • with a single handle
  • with double handles
  • with single or double specialty chain handles
  • with the addition of more 1′ or 1-1/2″ carabiners rings, you can create your own unique handle style and length

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