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How about a new Coin Purse or Wallet to match your favorite Face (formerly called Shells), or new Handles? Accessories make the look of your Miche Bag uniquely yours.


Miche Fashion Handles and Carabiner Rings available at

Feel like changing the color of your purse handles today? How about a different length?

We believe that every woman has the right to customize every aspect of her Miche purse to suit her needs and mood–whenever she wants to!

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Miche Handles available at


Miche Whimsy Bucket Bag

Miche specialty bags come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are perfect for anytime you want to travel light. It’s Miche-style fun—with a little bit of attitude! Hip storage and waist storage bags.

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Miche Kent Messenger Bag available at


Miche Black Phone Wallet available at

Miche coin purses, wallets and other fun take-alongs make great gifts for those you love—and for you too! Go ahead—you know you want one.


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Miche Soft Wallet Violet available at


Keeping accessories tidy and easy to find are absolute musts for the stylish woman. Choose from our inside the purse organizer or our Shell Closet Storage Organizers.

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Miche Purse Organizer available at