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OVersa Signature Handbag is the new Miche Bag
nce you try an interchangeable handbag, we know you’ll be hooked on how easy it is to stay on trend and be fashionable while still keeping an eye on your budget. And best of all, you will never have to transfer the contents of your purse to another bag again!


How did I get hooked?

A few years ago, I was with friends in Las Vegas, shopping, of course, and found a small kiosk selling interchangeable handbags – the Miche Bag.  I bought a Classic Bag and several Shells and everywhere I went, people complimented me on my purse…and then I showed them the secret – the interchangeable Miche Bag Shells – and everyone wanted to know where I got them.

I was such a huge fan of Miche, I joined the company a few years later and achieved the rank of Amara before Miche closed their doors in March of 2016.

Along with that devastating news came a very special company that bought the Miche patents with the intent of creating their version of an interchangeable purse.

And that bag, called the VERSA Signature Handbag, is debuting August 1, 2017! The same interchangeablility as the original Miche Bag with an updated, on-trend styling and price point you’ll love.

Enjoy shopping and we’re glad you found us!

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